Useful resources for early-career academics

This page is a work in progress. If you know of any good resources on these themes, please send them my way.

How to write journal articles

Matthew Wolf-Meyer’s method from N-1

I highly recommend this great series. I try to follow it and can never manage it exactly, but near enough is often good enough.  Read these in order:

Then there is this:

And this:

And these have been recommended by colleagues at the University of New England:


This essay from Philip J. Deloria covers a lot, but his comments on structure an outlining are especially useful to me:

Choosing titles

General writing tools

A bare-bones outline of common approaches to writing:

… with a follow-up piece here.

An all-round excellent blog for academic writing:

This site is a kind of self-referential academic performance art, but probably very useful too:

Another one on search engine optimisation:

How to publish a book from your thesis

How to peer-review an article

Dealing with a shitty peer review

Applying for grants


Font development

Tech stuff

Writing an abstract

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