Top digital resources for Philippine Studies

A great deal of material relevant to Philippine studies has been digitised and made available in online archives based in Spain, the U.S. and the Philippines. The most important of these is The United States and its Territories 1870–1925: The Age of Imperialism and the Biblioteca Digital Hispánica. Part of the challenge of these archives is that you have to know what you’re looking for first with a text or title search. This page provides direct links to the most important or interesting items grouped by order of publication from these sources and from other collections.

Screen shot 2014-05-31 at 8.31.59 AMBlair, Emma Helen and James Alexander Robertson. 1903-1907. The Philippine Islands: 1493-1898, vols 1-52. Cleveland, Ohio: The Arthur H. Clark Company.

vol 1: 1493-1529 , vol 2: 1521-1569, vol 3: 1569-1576 , vol 4: 1576-1582, vol 5: 1582-1583, vol 6: 1583-1588, vol 7: 1588-1591, vol 8: 1591-1593, vol 9: 1593-1597, vol 10: 1597-1599, vol 11: 1599-1602, vol 12: 1601-1604, vol 13: 1604-1605, vol 14: 1605-1609, vol 15: 1609, vol 16: 1609, vol 17: 1609-1616, vol 18: 1617-1620, vol 19: 1620-1621, vol 20: 1621-1624, vol 21: 1624, vol 22: 1625-1629, vol 23: 1629-1630, vol 24: 1630-1634, vol 25: 1635-1636 , vol 26: 1636, vol 27: 1636-1637, vol 28: 1637-1638, vol 29: 1638-1640, vol 30: 1640, vol 31: 1640vol 32: 1640, vol 33: 1519-1522vol 34: 1519-1522; 1280-1605, vol 35: 1640-1649, vol 36: 1649-1666, vol 37: 1669-1676, vol 38: 1674-1683, vol 39: 1683-1690, vol 40: 1690-1691, vol 41: 1691-1700, vol 42: 1670-1700, vol 43: 1670-1700, vol 44: 1700-1736, vol 45: 1736, vol 46: 1721-1739, vol 47: 1728-1759, vol 48: 1751-1765, vol 49: 1762, vol 50: 1764-1800, vol 51: 1801-1840, vol 52: 1841-1898, vol 53: Bibliography, vol 54: Analytical index to the series A-I, vol 55: Analytical index to the series J-Z.

Materials not included in Blair & Robertson

de la Concepción, Juan. 1788-1790. Historia general de Philipinas, vol 1-13. Manila: Historia General de PhilipinasSeminar Conciliar y Real de San Carlos: vol 1: 1788, vol 2: 1788, vol 3: 1788, vol 4: 1788, vol 5: ?, vol 6: ?, vol 7: 1789, vol 8: ?, vol 9: ?, vol 10: 1790, vol 11: ?, vol 12: ?, vol 13: 1792.

Aduarte, Diego. 1693. Historia de la provincia del Sancto Rosario de Filipinas, Iapon, y China de la Sagrada Orden de Predicadores. Zaragoça: D. Gascon: vol 1: 1693, vol 2: 1693

Villacorta, Francisco. 1833. Administración espiritual de los Padres Agustinos Calzados de la Provincia del Dulce Nombre de las Islas Filipinas. Valladolid: Roldan u.a.

Baranera, Francisco X. 1884. Compendio de la Historia de Filipinas. Manila: M. Perez.

Repatriating a Lost Archive of the Spanish Pacific

This initiative is one to keep an eye out for. Works are not yet digitally available, as far as I can tell.


Ilustrado literature

Rizal, Jose. 1886. Noli me tángere (el país de los frailes). Valencia and Madrid: F. Sempere y Comp.

Rizal, Jose. [1891] 1900. El Filibusterismo (continuación del Noli me tangere). Manila: De Chofré.

Paterno, Pedro. 1892. El cristianismo en la antigua civilización Tagálog. Madrid: Imprenta Moderna.

Paterno, Pedro. 1915. La antigua civilización Tagálog (apuntes). Manila: Colegio de Santo Tomás.

de los Reyes y Florentino, Isabelo. 1889. Las Islas Visayas en la epoca de la Conquista. Manila: De Chofré.

Rizal, Jose. [1889-1890]. 1912. The Philippines a century hence. Manila: Philippine Education Company.

French sources

Jacquet, Eugène. 1831. Considerations sur les alphabets des Philippines. Paris: Imprimerie Royale.

Mallat, J. 1843. Les îles Philippines considérées au point de vue de l’hydrographie et de la linguistique. Paris: Pollet et Compagnie.

de la Gironière, Paul. 1853. Vingt années aux Philippines: Souvenirs de Jala-Jala. Paris: Comptoir des Imprimeurs Unis.

de la Gironiere, Paul P. 1854. Twenty years in the Philippines. New York: Harper and Brothers.

de la Gironière, P. 1855. Aventures d’un gentilhomme bréton aux íles Philippines.Paris: Comptoir des Imprimeurs Unis. Translated as  Adventures of a Frenchman in the Philippines. London: C. H. Clark. [PK: Not yet digitsed]

Marche, Alfred. 1887. Luçon et Palaouan: Six années de voyages aux Philippines. Paris: Librarie Hachette.

German sources

Semper, Carl. 1869. Die Philippinen und ihre Bewohner. Würzburg: A. Stuber.

Jagor, F. 1873. Reisen in den Philippinen. Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung.

Weird and wonderful

Bowring, John. 1859. A visit to the Philippine Islands. London: Smith, Elder & Co.

Bustamante, Miguel Lucio. 1885. Si Tandang Basio Macunat. Manila. Amigos del País.

Retana, Wenceslao E. 1894. Supersticiones de los indios filipinos: Un libro de aniterías. Manila: Viuda de M. Minuesa de los Rios.

Caro y Mora, Juan. 1898. Ataque de Li-Ma-Hong a Manila en 1574. Manila: Chofré y Comp.

Francisco, Gabriel Beato. 1899. Ang Katipunan: Aliwan na may dalauang bahagui. Manila: La Democracia.

Kayme, Sargent. 1901. Anting-anting stories: And other strange tales of the Filipinos. Boston: Small, Maynard & Company.Anting-Anting-Stories-218x340

St. Clair, Francis. 1902. The Katipunan, or the Rise and Fall of the Filipino Commune. Manila: Amigos del País.

Olmsted, V. H., Gannett, H., Sanger, J. Prentiss. 1905. A Revelation of the Filipinos: illustrated by 130 pictures showing the types of people, their manner of life and industries, their country and resources. Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society.

Dauncey, Campbell Mrs. 1906. An Englishwoman in the Philippines. New York: E. P. Dutton and Company.

Walker, H. Wilfred. 1910. Wanderings among South Sea savages. London: Witherby

Jouglet, René. 1934. Au cœur sauvage des Philippines.

Jouglet, René. 1936. The treasure of Limahong : adventure in the Philippines / René Jouglet ; edited by Rodrigue Lévesque.[First appeared as La ville perdue (The lost city) in Paris in 1936]

Jouglet, René. 1937. The lost city: Filipino fact and fancy.

Pavon, José Maria. 1957 [?]. The Robertson translations of the Pavón manuscripts of 1838-1839. [PK: If anyone comes across a digitisation of the ‘original fake’ Pavón manuscripts please let me know!]

Reports of the Philippine Commission

RPC 1900 [The First Annual Report, published 1900-1901 as ‘Report of the Philippine Commission to the President’]:  Volume 1; Volume 2: Testimony and exhibits; Volume 3.

RPC 1901 [The Second Annual Report, published 1901 as ‘Report of the United States Philippine Commission to the Secretary of War from December 1, 1900 to October 15, 1901’]: Volume 1; Volume 2.

RPC 1902 [The Third Annual Report, published 1903 as ‘Third Annual Report of the Philippine Commission’.]: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

RPC 1903 [The Fourth Annual Report, December 23, 1903]: Volume 1.

RPC 1904 [The Fifth Annual Report, published in 1905 as ‘The Fifth Annual Report of the Philippine Commission in Three Parts’]: Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3.

RPC 1905 [The Sixth Annual Report, published 1906-]: Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4.

RPC 1907 [Published 1908]: Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4.

RPC 1908 [Published 1909-]: Volume 1; Volume 2; Volume 3; Volume 4.

Census data


United States Bureau of the Census. 1905. Census of the Philippine Islands, taken under the direction of the Philippine commission in the year 1903, in four volumes. Washington: Government Printing Office. Volume 1: Geography, history and population. Volume 2: Population. Volume 3: Mortality, defective classes, education, families, and dwellings. Volume 4: Agriculture, social and industrial statistics.


United States Bureau of the Census. 1920-1921. Census of the Philippine Islands, taken under the direction of the Philippine legislature in the year 1918, in four volumes. Manila: Bureau of Printing. Volume 1: Geography, history and climatology, Appendix to Volume 1; Volume 2: Population and mortality; Volume 3: Agriculture, medicinal plants, forests, lands, and proper diet; Volume 4: Part I: Social and judicial statistics, manufactures and household industries, Part II: Schools, university, commerce, transportation, banks, and insurance.


[Not available as Full View.]


[Not available as Full View.]


[Not available as Full View.]


[Not available as Full View.]

Historical grammars and dictionaries


NOTE! I’m listing Spanish dictionaries first because these should be consulted in order to understand the historical semantics of Spanish lemmas in the historical Philippine dictionaries. You can also search past editions of Spanish dictionaries published by the Real Academia here (though the Real Academia is always shifting things around – the link might not work forever!)

Terreros y Pando, Esteban. 1786. Diccionario castellano con las voces de ciencias y artes y sus correspondientes en las tres lenguas francesa, latina é italiana. Tomo primero [A-D]. Madrid: Viuda de Ibarra, Hijos y Compañia.

Terreros y Pando, Esteban. 1787. Diccionario castellano con las voces de ciencias y artes y sus correspondientes en las tres lenguas francesa, latina é italiana. Tomo segundo [E-O]. Madrid: Viuda de Ibarra, Hijos y Compañia.

Terreros y Pando, Esteban. 1788. Diccionario castellano con las voces de ciencias y artes y sus correspondientes en las tres lenguas francesa, latina é italiana. Tomo tercero [P-Z]. Madrid: Viuda de Ibarra, Hijos y Compañia.


Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 1.26.33 pm

de Mentrida, Alonso. 1637. Vocavulario de lengua bisaya, hiligaina y haraya de la Isla de Panay y Sugbu y para las demás islas.

Juan Félix de la Encarnación. 1852. Diccionario español-bisaya. Manila: Amigos del País.

Juan Felix de la Encarnación. 1866. Diccionario español-bisaya. Segunda edicion. Binondo: Imprenta de Miguel Sanchez.

Juan Félix de la Encarnación, F. 1885. Diccionario bisaya-español. 3. ed. Manila: Tip. de “Amigos del País”.

Bermejo, Julian. 1895. Arte conpendiado de la lengua Cebuana. Segunda edicion. Tambobong: Asilo de Huerfanos.

Wolff, John U. 1972. A dictionary of Cebuano Visayan. Vol. I & II. Ithaca, New York: Cornell University. [PK: One of the best dictionaries I know for any language]


Francisco de San Joseph. 1610. Arte y reglas de la lengua tagala. Partido de Bataan: Thomas Pinpin.

de Totanes, Sebastian. 1745. Arte de la lengua tagala, y manual tagalog para la administración de los Santos Sacramentos. Manila: Convento de Nra Señora de Loreto.


Alonso de Mentrida. [1637] 1841. Diccionario de la lengua bisaya, hilagueina ya haraya de la isla de Panay. Manila: D. Tomas Oliva.

A useful general online dictionary of Cebuano, English, Tagalog and Hiligaynon:

Folklore materials

I have removed all the Philippine folklore records from this section and compiled them into one searchable OCR document: An informal repository of Philippine folklore. Please ask me for a copy.

Journals of or relevant to Philippine humanities

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