Naasioi (Otomaung) font

A beta version of the first Naasioi Otomaung font is now available. 

Background on the Naasioi Otomaung alphabet will be published soon.

How to install the font

The Naasioi (Otomaung) font is installed from two .ttf files. These are:

Click on the hyperlinks above to download these two files to your computer or phone. 

Using the Naasioi (Otomaung) font on a computer

If you want to use Otomaung on a desktop computer, follow the standard procedure for installing fonts on a desktop. For a PC, this is explained here. For a Mac, the instructions are here.

Using the Naasioi (Otomaung) font on an Android phone or device

To use the font on an Android, you will first need to install an app on your phone called iFont. Then follow the instructions here.

Using the Naasioi (Otomaung) font on an iOS phone or device

A procedure for installing fonts on iPhone devices is here. My phone is too old to get the free iFont app, so I have downloaded AnyFont which costs AUD$2.99 but is very easy to use. 

Here are the instructions for AnyFont based on my own experience:

  1. Download the ttf fonts above and put them in a Dropbox folder
  2. Install AnyFont
  3. Click on the + sign and then choose ‘Dropbox’
  4. Set up Dropbox for the app
  5. Navigate through the app to the dropbox folder and install the two fonts

… at this point I get stuck, which might still be because I am on an iPhone 5s running iOS12.4.9 and it’s just too archaic to handle different fonts. I would love to be able to send a text message in Otomaung so if anyone has any luck, please leave a comment.

Font credits

Steven Tamiung and Peter Karatapi provided the original samples. Julia Bespamyatnikh traced the samples as vectors. Siva Kalyan formatted the vectors and encoded the font.